2016 All Material Awards

Benjamin Amos Defenders
Jenny Chasteen Defenders
Caleb Grabill Seekers
Elijah Price Seekers
Jeremiah Price Seekers
Lizzie Price Seekers
Maggie Monnington Seekers
Stephen  Kassing Squad
Enoch Phillips Surge
Peter Gossell Surge
Corban Phillips Synergy

2016 Memorization Awards

Aben Kassing Avengers
Liberty Ralls Avengers
Brandon Pramann Defenders
Darrick Pramann Defenders
Katrina Balman Defenders
Justin Yurosko Defenders of Light
Caleb McClurg Gravity
Hannah Um Gravity
Joshua Reber Gravity
Amelia Herbert Inspiration
Courtney Bear Inspiration
Maddy  Spencer Inspiration
Molly LaPointe Inspiration
Josiah Monnington Seekers
Avah Robinett Seekers of His Mystery
Katelyn Sander Seekers of His Mystery
Lydia Sander Seekers of His Mystery
Nathan Aubrey Seekers of His Mystery
Caleb Hubbard Seekers of His Peace
Casey Hubbard Seekers of His Peace
Grace Hubbard Seekers of His Peace
Grant Hubbard Seekers of His Peace
Jenna Hubbard Seekers of His Peace
Jesse Hubbard Seekers of His Peace
Laura Hickox Seekers of His Verity
Julia Aubrey Seekers of His Wisdom
Noah Monnington Seekers of His Wisdom
Abigail  Kassing Squad
Andrew  Kassing Squad
Hannah  Schweikert Squad
Sarah  Kassing Squad
Sarah  Ralls Squad
Amy Garlett Surge
Avi Serig Surge
Jonathan McClurg Surge
Noah Phillips Surge
Holly Schweikert Synergy
Sam  Scott Synergy
Alex Anderson Transformed
Erin Pennington Transformed
Jessica Reber Transformed
Kaitlyn McMurry Transformed
Lydia Um Transformed
Tirza Reichert Transformed
Aaron Sanders Umile
Avery Herbert Umile
David Bear Umile
Matt Morris Umile
Sophie Sanders Umile
Suzie Aulgur Umile
Anna Clements Whoever Humbles
Jesse Gunkel Whoever Humbles