2018 All Material Awards

Darrick Pramann Defenders
Jenny Chasteen Defenders
Ben Amos Defenders
Seth Gunkel Journey
Molly LaPointe Reliant
Maggie Monnington Seekers
Jeremiah Price Seekers
Solomon Price Seekers
Elijah Price Seekers
Lizzie Price Seekers
Katelyn Sander Seekers of His Courage
Kat Pennington Surge

2018 Memorization Awards

Justin Yurosko Defenders
Susie Aulgur Ex Nihilo
Travis Aulgur Ex Nihilo
Ian McMurray Narnians
David Bear Narnians
Trustin Serig Narnians
Kira Serig Narnians
Kaitlyn McMurray Prism
Lydia Um Prism
Jill Godshall Prism
Britten LaPointe Reliant
Julia LaPointe Runners
Alycia Johnson Runners
Noah Monnington Seekers
Nathan Aubrey Seekers of His Courage
Casey Hubbard Seekers of His Courage
Caleb Hubbard Seekers of His Courage
Amanda  Davis Seekers of His Courage
Grace Hubbard Seekers of His Courage
MacKenzie Sander Seekers of His Radiance
Jesse Hubbard Seekers of His Radiance
Grant Hubbard Seekers of His Radiance
Julia Aubrey Seekers of His Radiance
Stephen  Kassing Squad
Andrew Kassing Squad
Kurtis Schweikert Squad
Aben Kassing Squad
Sarah Ralls Squad
Holly Schweikert Squad
Kevin Schweikert Squad
Caleb McClurg Surge
Tirza Reichert Surge
Hannah McClurg Surge
Enoch Phillips Surge
Avi Serig Surge
Hannah Um Surge
Anna Roe Whoever
Jeremy Meyers Whoever
Ruthie Clements Whoever
Alex Jensen