Starting Positions for Quiz Offs
Movement Chart for Quiz Offs
Error Penalty for Quiz Offs: 
       First Error =      -10
       Second Error = -15
       Third Erros =   -20

SBQ COVID-19 Protocol for Jackson County

Live Scoring

Live Streaming

Penalty for Errors on Stats:


For every error a quizzer makes, 10 points will be deducted from their personal points total. For example, if Frank scores 60 points with one error, his personal points will show 50 points.  


This penalty will affect the following:

  • Individual standings and statistics
  • Placement on end of year Top 7 and Top 14 teams
  • Quiz Offs starting positions

Memory Awards:

The following are the criteria for the end of season memory awards–

  • Trophies for those who learn all the material
  • Medallions if you learn 300 verses
  • New quizzers – Medallions for 150 verses